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  1. Black Mountains (The treasure hunt begins)

    In the last section of this quest, you need stamina at 25 to get a second chest. I have the requirement but, I am not finding the quest giver. The treasure hunt begins 1 requirement 1 reward Who is there? 1 requirement 1 reward Growling 1 requirement 1 reward The...
  2. Saloon

    My health points are 756/840, my energy is 150/150, and I am able to do quests and work.
  3. Saloon

    I get this from all towns in world 4. I have not been ko'ed
  4. Saloon

    This is what I getCharacter name Dueling level ExperienceDuelFlavinha118570Duel not possible for 48 hoursNasi105479Duel not possible for 48 hoursanthoula88360Duel not possible for 48 hoursMarkAnthony165899Duel not possible for 48 hoursMachika82318Duel not possible for 48 hoursCool Hand...
  5. Saloon

    All of the town saloons in World 4 have Duel not possible for 48 hours in the players' profile. I have tried to duel and got this for all players in World 4. Has anyone else had this problem? What is the work around? I play in worlds 4, 7, 10, and 11. World 4 is the only one I cannot duel in...