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  1. Here's an Idea: Stop changing the rules!!!

    It's more a matter of actually wanting some targets at all. There are a lot of players who only have a dozen players in their range that actually duel.
  2. Here's an Idea: Stop changing the rules!!!

    What's the point of honor values? They don't seem to explicitly affect anything, as far as I can tell. I'm not a fan of players disappearing from the duel menu after a week- on small worlds, that literally means many duelers will have 15 targets on the whole map unless they're willing to...
  3. Duel Changes

    That's a pretty good point, but I think it wouldn't have as much of an adverse effect you'd think. Most melee duelers are strength focused, so they can afford to take a few shots, but a low health ranged dueler can't hand the end of round advantage. Just my take
  4. The Brain Farts - Brainstorm of ideas here

    The fact that the west has ads again is a really good sign, though :D
  5. Idea : Fort Battles Revived :P

    I like the idea of making fort battles reward more experience most definitely. The special abilities could also be very interesting, but would, imo, need to be more balanced that the specific one you suggest. The exp .rates need adjusting, because duelers would get a lot more experience than any...
  6. Biggest pet peeves on The West?

    If they're a mirror npc, lower your health, set your stance to standing headshots, and wear appearance gear. Otherwise... Get lucky, or move your skills around a bit til you can KO them.
  7. The West World Records 6

    Unfortunately, RL work is starting to take more and more of my time. I haven't updated this in a long time, and don't think I will be able to update it very soon.. If someone else is willing to take over, I'd appreciate it. If no one else comes forward in the next week or so, I'll try to get...
  8. Increase Maximum Friends

    I think there should be unlimited friends- but also a "send all friends event things" button, to prevent resource overuse... Also, friends list could be set up to load locally on demand, to free up client computer.
  9. unicorn farting rainbows?

    They can meet up with Steve the pixelated miner :D
  10. Updated Fort Building Guide

    Thank you so much! I've been wanting a guide like this for a long time.
  11. Allow Transfer of Town Forum Ownership

    This is such a great idea, should have been implemented ages ago.
  12. Skill point interface

    I'm all for the idea, but for a temporary workaround.. if you have a laptop, and a mouse, clicking the thing as fast as possible with both will engage some sort of auto click that will use ALL the points.
  13. Make all of the outlaw set auctionable

    Proposal Make all of the outlaw set auctionable. Current Workaround Not have an outlaw rifle, ever. Details Make all of the outlaw set auctionable. Abuse Prevention ... Visual Aids Just picture hovering your mouse over the outlaw gear, and it has the little bit of text on it that says...
  14. Website - English support

    Is there a way to find the optimal gear for something, including items you don't own? I used to be able to just use the tw-db website calculator, go to jobs, then change the attributes it was searching for. Now, it autocalculates and can't be edited.
  15. Week 11 bidding is open!

    My bad, misread old announcement. Sorry for disinformation :D