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    Mexico fans have been treating South Korean supporters like royalty after their team helped knock out Germany from the World Cup. The defending champions crashed out after losing to South Korea 2-0, their earliest World Cup exit in 80 years, and Sweden beat Mexico 3-0 to top Group F.
  2. New The circus fair has been taken hostage!(gone)

    The people taking advantage of the bug have been around long enough to know its a bug and they knowingly abused the bug and the advantage gained should be taken away from them, I were up and got my first 2 spins on Houston and noticed the bonds and potions were available but did not cheat.
  3. Finally Done! for those who got the juan set or given up from the Valentines event

    The big heart bag basically pays for itself. 20 days of 2500 hearts is 50K hearts = 10 x 50 bonds. I am at 245K hearts now so it paid for itself.
  4. Finally Done! for those who got the juan set or given up from the Valentines event

    I am at 170K I bought the bag with extra hearts ad have 99 friends that sends regularly and working a lot (premium) I saved up bonds and planned for this event and will be the first one where I will hit the goal easily. Still miss the shoes for the Crow set :( First time I bought the bag with...
  5. Not a bug Valentine's Bugs?

    I can confirm on Fairbank I accepted and completed the first step in One Foolish Romeo and then nothing happened and there are no new quest giver anywhere on the map.
  6. New Update

    Confirmed, you should post it in the bug forum.
  7. Halloween Quest on Fairbank

    Have anyone been able to drop Toad Blood, Crystal Ball or Coyote heart? I have done 150 15 sec jobs on the different jobs now with no drop, I know its not an instant drop but still, Yes quest is accepted. Just want to check before I spend another 150 energy on a bugged quest.
  8. Bounty Protection

    What a joke One of things I hate about The West is the dueling, most worlds I am townless because of that, I am a lover and not a fighter. Why protect someone from me placing a hefty bounty on them because they duel me every 3-4 hours? I understand dueling is of the game but the bounty is...
  9. Christmas Gift

    Got it on Briscoe Error on log in on Colo saying try again Nothing on D or E.
  10. after some time off

    I was inactive for a while and same thing happened. Its still better than the old delete the character, I guess its the costs of being inactive.
  11. Loot Chests

    So far Mojo 3 clover experience boost Potion of minor wisdom 1% :(
  12. Briscoe County Trading Thread

    Black Friday Came Early Lets call it Wicket Wednesday. Tons of the good stuff on the market, let the bidding begin, I need to raise a bit of cash. From wood to Inno's belt on the market and many, many name items in between.
  13. The "Set with no name"

    Inno logic is not always common logic. I don't get the 2000 bonds limit but again its Inno logic.