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  1. 2022 Awesomia battle initiative

    Date: 04/01 World: Arizona Numbers: 55 vs 101 Outcome: Defended (38 rounds) Valiant attackers shot dead! It was a good try but with two targets for every attacker to shoot at, the outcome was almost pre-determined. Date: 04/02 World: Briscoe Numbers: 39 vs 43 Outcome: Defended (54 rounds)...
  2. 2022 Awesomia battle initiative

    Well done to the defenders on Arizona. (Initial: 36 vs 42) The attackers bravely charged, but were not strong enough to break the defenders. The attackers had to retreat from the taken wall and towers. A few brave attackers survived the battle. Good job to the defenders on Briscoe. (Initial...
  3. 2022 Awesomia battle initiative

    Congratulations to the attackers on Colorado. (Initial: 85 vs 67 ) They successfully overwelmed the defenders with surround shooting and an early take-over of the north wall and dueler tower.
  4. 2022 Awesomia battle initiative

    Congratulations to the Arizonian defenders! The small party of attackers were overwhelmed by a sky of lead coming from all sides with nowhere to charge. A well executed pincer trapped them in the corner. Congratulations to the Briscoe defenders! The attackers valiantly charged, but were too...
  5. Advent Calendar 8. Game

    That slightly toxic plant good for kissing under, Mistletoe
  6. Independence Day 2020 - Feedback

    I'd love to see that at least once. Sounds fun.
  7. Scavenger Hunt...Riddle Quests

    I like this. Not only we get more quests, we can have fun solving them. Support!
  8. Town shop multi-buy

    Idea title: Multi-Buy button Details of idea: Since Upgrading was introduced, there is a demand for large amounts of certain items, some of them from the shops(Tailor, Gunsmith, General Store). Also, a recent addition to crafting is a button to craft multiples of an item, streamlining the...
  9. Easter Event

    Lol, congratulate your buddy for that. I would be happy to get ANYTHING on the gold list. :D I seem to have noticed an increase on the duels today, is that related to the end of the easter event?
  10. Adventures discussion and feedback

    Could the game not balance the gun with your contribution and how much health each side had, relative to each other?
  11. I lost 750K in three duels.. Fair?

    I thought it was near impossible to have 750k on hand at once? The time it would take to get the money, you would be KO'ed several times. :huh: (Of course, the OP might have been townless. Still, my argument stands with a little modification: The time it takes you to get 750k on hand, you...
  12. Friendship Management

    Yes from me too. Also, if you can see more friends at once, you can also send faster right?
  13. New crafting window layout

    I vote for it too! :) Too many times I am crafting lots of things at once and I get the Streak of bad luck message. :hmf:
  14. KO time period icon

    Yes from me. Sounds simple.
  15. The West World Records 6

    Most items(Not including products) in inventory for under level 55 player on en15.