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    Rare items are not.

    AYE. INNO pull up your pant and get your act together
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    Glyphosate 101

    Try put some raw lime into your eyes or leave it on your skin for a while and see what happens. Lime in its pure form can be bery dangerous and can cause burning of the skin which will leave a nice green blister. Gloves, eyes protection and mask should always be used when working with it.
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    New green sky

    Has not even been fixed in Beta yet so dont hold your breath here on The Net.
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    Game screen gone dark

    not night now so night mode is a bad Aprils fools joke, bring back the Almighty brown tie and Furtrama:(
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    New adventures bugs

    Adventures are bugged again, wont let people pass skills screen.
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    Farewell in the name of the Almighty Brown Tie

    Another true player bites the dust, will miss your posts mate (and the paper bag face in its many forms)
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    The Bible....

    Why can you not say G0D? Just use a zero instead of the O
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    Count to 00,000

    7575 another tomato from my advent calendar.
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    International Fort Battle Championship, Part 2! - Discussion!

    asdf124 said there was no leader from World 11 in event world which is the world he is active in so only way leaders can judge players from worlds that leaders dont have a active presence in, is to check with other players or West forts stats. I could make lots of comments here but to be...
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    day of the dead 2017 - w

    I got full set in beta today without spending any nuggets. I bought the large flower pot first day for 600 bonds and hope to get a lot of them back before event finishes from bond letters. In the card game on beta i have spend zero nuggets and got very few items. In beta at the moment there is a...
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    New Too many flowers needed

    You make a fair point there Fafer
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    Glyphosate 101

    I am a farmer and have completed a pesticide course on using chemicals and i contract spray a lot of ground for a lot of farmers. I am also on a chemical buying committee for a farmers buyers group. I have a degree in Agricultural science and have done numerous courses and attended lectures...
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    Halloween Event?

    Starting next week in Beta world so wont know more till then
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    Can't understand how to follow quest's lines Those are your basic quests and the minimum level you have to be to do them. You wont be able to do all of them as you need clothes and skill points shfted for some of them but as you get to a higher level then you will have more skill points to put in the...
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    Grievances From a Somewhat Premium Player

    The way i see it if INNO want to stop people spending money on tombola then let them leave that potion there. It certainly has stopped me doing big spins so thankyou INNO for saving me real money. ;)