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    new set items

    If I'm in a sector with player A i will get the +50 bonus, does that stack with my own bonus of +35 if i too have munny's clothing set???
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    Market Trading

    selling winter scarf, pm me in game
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    An Unicorn?

    All the ones i found: [marker 28244 1676 unicorn] [marker 30735 16847 Shark cloud] [marker 43148 12487 Crashed UFO] [marker 39146 3915 Inno crop circle] [marker 12579 3345 Crashed UFO 2] [marker 19117 7426 Minecraft] [marker 28394 13851 Unicorn 2] [marker 3640 11984 ******* Isle] [marker 8199...
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    new set new event?

    My understanding of the fair is that its a permanent feature(well around 14-28 weeks at least at which time it may end or just return to county one) Its starting in county one where it must be built, once built its open for 7 days before it close's and moves to county 2 where it must be built...
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    Drama Queens

    i think the one in the main saloon is drawn and the pic in the quest window is a screenshot of the actress from the video.
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    An Unicorn?

    [marker 3662 11985 *******] [marker 19117 7426 Minecraft]
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    Drama Queens

    I'd assume yes, wouldn't they have a "limited" badge/countdown if they were not??
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    Drama Queens

    its a new questline that will eventually reward parts of the soap-opera set. Some of the set is available in the bond shop now but im not sure if there also obtainable through the quest itself
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    Resolved Customized tomahawk and pistol

    its a free weapon that lvls as you do, so at lvl 1 its does 1-10 damage, at lvl 50 it does 51-60damage etc.. other than that i don't think there is anything special about them, but we'll see
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    The Plan - Weekly draw rules and discussion

    The options button directly under your mini-map, then go to settings, on the next window you'll see the furthest right tab will open up support
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    The New Job System

    While i agree with most of what you and others have said in that this has been the best update to hit the west in ages i do have one slight reservation and that is the ability to do all quests. While i do love the changes made i just hope that future updates will bring alot of new quests. As...
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    The New Job System

    Apparently some have changed(i don't know which, as i don't craft) but the devs have said they will look at rebalancing crafting and fort building requirements if needed after further testing on beta.
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    The Easter Showdown discussion

    question about the potion, is it a % of the total exp to the next lvl or a % of the remaining exp to the next lvl?? :huh:
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    Golden Gun

    im at 350+ attempts at fire fighting and still no slip of paper :( probably better off selling the keys and buying a tombola gun at this stage
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    The Easter Showdown discussion

    So the only use for bonds is resetting the timer so i can re-duel the first NPC again and bribing the npc if i lost. Correct???