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  1. The West Classic - Coming Soon

    It's almost been a year and still no classic west... Just release it and let people play something that they'll enjoy and it's not like Inno can't make any money of that either.
  2. Premium Chests

    Does Inno have any plans on releasing some new item to the chest?
  3. Premium Chests

    I just have a general question that I'd like to get answered. What is the point of getting the premium chests anymore now that the Howdah and the Golden Tomahawk are literally irrelevant. Since there is so many great sets out there the unique items are never worth having talking from an...
  4. Count to 00,000

  5. Energy needed to build.

    ... Love the idea!
  6. Duelling changes - The West Beta!

    ... The problem with dueling atm is not zero motivation duelers but the skill buying which has made dueling more about who spends most money. I see as a big problem, if the developers want the game to grow they need to make dueling a more even playing field. The BIG nugget buyers already have a...