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  1. Adventures bugged

    If would be nice if the Dev's would at least address the issue and let us know hey are aware of it. I tell you this is the WORST customer service of any game I've ever played.:mad: It's the 21st century, social media is where people talk more than anywhere else. You haven't even posted on...
  2. Recommended Server

    Can we rotate this around say every 30 days so the existing servers have have a fair shake at incoming members? its been on Fairbanks long enough:(
  3. Fort Battle Builds Guide 2.0!

    How relavent is this thread still?
  4. New Christmas bag event

  5. Looking for Towns

    Dont they monitor the forums?
  6. Cross Server Markets

    Whats the possibility of making the Market include ALL servers. It would provide a greater pool of goods to buy from.
  7. Separated tabs for products

    I like this idea too.
  8. Looking for Towns

    Why am I not surprised the devs don't respond....
  9. Achievement Points ranks

    I like this idea. They could create an event based on achievement points
  10. New Adventure Maps

    They sure are quick to take our money but don't seem like they want to make the game "better" so more people join it.
  11. Leaving an adventure

    How about making it if people leave an adventure, they get nothing at all from it. Im seeing and hearing to many leaving an adventure but still get flowers and such......they should get NOTHING
  12. Leaving an adventure

    People leaving an adventure before it even gets started or midstream because its not going their way is annoying. Any possibility of adding a "reason" to "Creating a wanted poster" called "Leaving a Adventure"? Its a simple and fun way to punish those with no
  13. Sesame Street Recruiting

    Part of Waters Settle Alliance, we are recruiting all classes and levels.
  14. Fairbanks not oppening

    I'm having the same problem. Surprise surprise that the mods haven't posted anything about it.