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    strange pop up?

    i found one while walking to a ghost town
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    Best Product Drop Set

    @Protasov ~ Provided it's okay with the rules, TWLeoTools is still a good tool for determining product drop chance, and other very useful stats. For anyone still confused (talking to newer players), Luck determines the value of dropped items, product chance outside of gear influence, IS partly...
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    New world - choose a name

    if noone thought of it yet, how about Jasper?
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    Website - English support

    update, still not fixed.
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    Website - English support

    i contacted them still waiting on email
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    Independence Day 2019

    i saved up for the 48k and that normal? total waste, would have been better to burn through patriot as far as i could get won't be doing THAT again
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    Website - English support

    i got the same deal on fairbanks, but at the site, the calculator doesn't work either, just says json error.
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    Website - English support

    heck i'll chip in as well. i never spend cash on stuff, too much of a miser, but the work is appreciated and has been very helpful to so many, even tho it doesn't cross a lot of minds. came back today and everything was down. let me know if you need anything.
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    ingame chat emoticons

    i'd love a barf smiley as a response to the flood of add me's during events.
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    New World - Idaho

    2D and 2 1/2D is where old gamers go to retire unless they're ambitious, in that case they go to professional venues and compete for money, and/or, become regulars on some fairly well known gaming related show, like the nerdist, or something more obscure. the point is we don't expect, or demand...
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    New World - Idaho

    i plan to stay put in fairbanks since the first few worlds were closed and early guys (still here) had to migrate, until they make us move again. i don't see a point in moving or making a new toon when its just juggling the same thing at two different points of progress. i'll focus on maxing...
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    Active Roleplayers and RPs

    if anybody needs help with anything, i'll jump in my crappy little car and run over to mow your lawn or make you soup.......or just record you some nice "i'm sick and this helps" music. whatever ya need, gamers are family
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    Hidden mods/devs

    Kind of a necro response, late to the party, apologies. Some regular players have been gaming a rather long time, and have actually led some pretty interesting lives, and some, not most, just some, have enjoyed sharing some of their more relate-able antics over the years when the mood strikes them.
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    Welcome to Fairbank

    I'm taking the folks who migrated from world 1, and some of the new bloods, but at my little bitty town, there's no direction really, everybody plays their own way, and pursues their own goals.
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    Server Politics

    about the only politics i ever see game related is that off again on again discussion and semi successful attempts at balanced fort fights, and the usual occasional butthurts over simple misunderstandings between random fragile egos. Nothing worth writing home about ^^