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    New daily quests not showing up in Quest Tracker by default

    And yes, I DO have the Quest Tracker selected in my settings. It happened with one quest about a month or so ago, but today I selected all the daily quests to activate them, and then ever after 2 screen refreshes they still only appeared in the Quest Book, unchecked. They never appeared in the...
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    Update Feedbacks - 2.100

    It should be fixed by the 12th. The Twelfth of Never.
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    Day of the Dead 2018

    Ah, yes - the annual 'never gonna complete the set without spending a buttload of cash' event. See you on the other side.
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    Town Cinema

    I do remember watching European-produced ads for cars, etc. on the beta server when the Cinema first came out. There was also an ad for a German energy company, if I recall - but it's possible that Inno, not being so widely known in the US for example, couldn't get much in the way of...
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    Golden horse and saddle

    On top of that it has an achievement attached to it - "Collect all items of the Golden Horse Set". There's no 'collecting involved - it's just out-and-out buying with RL money. Is Inno delusional, or do they think WE are? "Suck it, achievement chasers with no cash to burn!"
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    Golden horse and saddle

    I see a new set that can go where the sun doesn't shine. Thanks, Inno, for paving the path a bit closer to the EXIT door.
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    Idea (Marriage)

    To make it a core concept - which is to say, players who chase achievements, but think this idea is ridiculous, would have to make a choice between the two - is a definite thumbs down. If you want to have a little label on your profile that says you're "married" to someone else in the game...
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    Pumpkin Hunt

    I've opened 6 pumpkins so far on AZ and the chest analyzer isn't showing any pumpkins for me.
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    Level 5 Harper's axe

    Congrats, buddy!
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    Easter new quest and repeatable both available

    I submitted a support ticket and was told that the extra (repeatable) quests will disappear when the time limit is expired.
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    Easter new quest and repeatable both available

    Both the new Easter quest (coloring the eggs) and its repeatable version were available on CO at the same time. I completed the first stage (getting the blank eggs) by mistake, and now the next step for getting one of the dyes is sitting there with the Sheriff. I'll submit a ticket for getting...
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    Hunt puma....what puma!

    If you can't point out specific differences, just say so. I seriously cannot see any, not that it really matters. Coloring is the same, ear size and shape appear the same, nose looks the same - is it the whiskers? Like I said, the only difference I can see is the direction it's looking. The...
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    Friends popup at login

    I'm pretty sure we are all aware you want more people to get sucked into the game - it's been 2 weeks straight with this annoying Friends popup at every login. Is it ever going to go away, or are we to enjoy it forever?
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    Hunt puma....what puma!

    I'm pretty sure that both Pumas and Lionesses look to the left as well as the right - if that's not the difference you mean, then I'm at a loss.
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    Valentine's Day 2017 discussion

    Wow, lucky for Inno they're based in Germany. In the US it's a criminal act to spit in someone's face.