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[8:55:26 PM] B.AR 797: the diggo sounds like the grinch :D
[8:56:53 PM] Thorsten: it sounds more like "the dingo stole my baby"
The Ten Commandments
XIII: Thou shall not act in a noob like manner.
XIV: Thou shall not ask how to trade with Indians.
XV: Thou shall obey the wise words of Elmyr.
XVI: Thou shall give praiseth the divine Onion.
XVII: Thou shall not spam, go get yourself a girlfriend instead.
XVIII: Thou shall not wekek thy neighbour, unless it is really funny.
XIX: Thou shall include the most high Frank Zappa in thy avatar.
XX: Thou shall not question the origin nor validity of these commandments.
XXI: Thou shall not complain when your worker character is duelled, cry elsewhere.
XXII: Thou shall not lost the game.