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    Is Scotland 2020 still on?
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    The West Classic - Coming Soon

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    Farewell Comrades!

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    Hey all.
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    The West Classic - Coming Soon

    I guess this version doesnt have the update where you can be duelled while sleeping ;-) I might give this server a try..
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    Pirate outfit

    Someone mentioned my name.. don't do that again please.
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    You assume you get something while it isn't stated anywhere but base your conclusion that you have a right to get it based on the fact that you got it last year? And you think you actually have the right to get it? Regardless if it is the case or not, you can hardly call it immoral. You better...
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    Duel Changes

    stances is a better thing to have any part in duelling then sheer luck.
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    Best Computer Drivers Programme EVER!!!

    Just read this before you install any of these kind of programs..
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    Hidden mods/devs

    You should not decide what a mod needs to do. That is up to them. Or are you a secret mod yourself??
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    Black letter

    They must have known you would return :D No use in spending bonds on someone who would return anyway
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    Black letter

    For all the people above. There is no random in this business. The items were most likely a part of a campaign as my wise friend futu pointed out. For the ones receiving it, check your spam box because a mail should have come with it.
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    Star Wars VII Trailer

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    Count to 50 before a 'Moderator' posts

    kinda feels strange posting here.. 2
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    Star Wars VII Trailer

    According to the books, Jedi in the order that Luke created are allowed to marry and get kids. Luke himself gets kids and Leia as well (married to Han Solo). One of the kids of Han and Leia converts to the dark side, becoming Darth Caedus. But I am not sure if they will follow the original...