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    Summary of Fort Fight activity Mar. 1 to Apr. 4

    I got your point, but I also understand why other people quit fort fighting or the game. Like I said, it's kind of hard to get it when you have no better times to compare to. Or better said, a healthier game. The decline of the game has some very specific reasons that a lot of players have...
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    Summary of Fort Fight activity Mar. 1 to Apr. 4

    Good for the 134 fighting to keep Dakota a healthy territory but I think it's unfair to blame the other 309 residents for its bad shape. It would be like duelers blaming not having enough targets because a lot of players choose to play townless; or not having enough adventures because players...
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    Feedback Independence's Founders day

    Say it's Wednesday. We get 1h of burglary, sheriff, gamble, snakes plus 10x 15s of recruiting and 30m of bodyguard to queue regularly. Some crazy guy (like Elmyr) would also complete EACH daily quests from Ghost Town and Waupee's Village, do his daily dose of 3x crafting, 3 NPC, 3 PvP duels and...
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    Feedback Independence's Founders day

    A "Slept" quest every 48h in the middle of event season that includes duels, battles, adventures, travelling all over the map, product gathering (because lotus flowers and gold dust have the drop rate of speared fish :roll: ) and a buttload of 4, 5, 6 and 7 hour quests plus hours of 15s clicks...
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    You are looking for me?!

    That would only work for someone interested on a job, in Germany, involving Forge of Empires, Elvenar or the newly released Rise of Empires. Even Grepolis gets more love, whilst The West gets absolutely none as it has happened since 2012. Good luck to those applying, there's currently an opening...
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    Feedback Winter Event 2022

    I am not even bothering with the snowflakes since the drop rate is about the worst yet so far, and frankly the rewards don't justify spending that much time. Plus, I currently have 12 toons across 4 servers, making it a little bit too much. However, since I spent some time online today sending...
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    Update Feedback - 2.147

    Can Santa bring jony back to The West dev team, please? It was nice to have a dev who would actually listen and interact with players, which is also why there were fewer bugs when he was in it :-(
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    Advent Calendar 6. Game

    I keep forgetting to come check the forum :( I used to play with a Finnish player, who'd talk about the Joulupukki or the Finnish Santa, who was an evolved horned goat with some humanoid looks. He had an entourage of masked humans looking like horned men (the nuuttipukki) that around Saint Knut...
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    Advent Calendar 2. Game

    Depending on your approach to Christmas, that would be technically Saturnalia if you consider Christmas as the days leading to Dec. 24. For those who like an extended seasonal holidays (Canadians, for instance, are known for celebrating two months of Christmas season), Brumalia was the festival...
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    World closure

    W1 Col moved to Briscoe (in a town with Utah Ranger and Angelina Jolie -not that one LOL, and somebody else), but also plays Fairbank :up:. Great to know both Cringe and Horror are green! Oly (do you remember Olympos?) and kilted-scotman play several worlds, and BrutusAco is on Briscoe. As far...
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    World closure

    Ice still plays on Arizona (although it seems he's quitting). Told me he was 35 to join Beta. Cringe (the very first player to make it to the .net Hall of Fame at Lvl99, Ice was second) also is on Arizona, not sure how active he is because unlike Ice, he's not among top players there. Plugger...
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    Feedback thread about multi fort battles :-D

    OK. I think most of you are missing the point here and mixing things up. One thing that's not really debatable because it concerns Inno only and they won't reconsider it, is that they mess up with battles & dueling introducing new overpowering sets at least 4 times a year. I get it, they need...
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    Feedback topic on Fridays battle

    Hey, here's an idea that I think Inno would approve and a lot of players would love to get...enough to make them go to Awesomia on a somewhat regular basis. Can you drop the recipe book once in a while, like the circus? Not too often, to not bomb the market though. It's a lottery what you'll...
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    World closure

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    Feedback thread about multi fort battles :-D

    Oy! This just made me remember one small but important detail. I don't know how you & I both forgot about it. The now so popular no multis agreement between alliances, that only a few wanted in the beginning but everybody defends to death now (because it's pure common sense), is a Players...