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    Plus, you don´t want to take off the pink tutu you wear nor your brown bag ;) P.S. Love your ugly self anyways, and of course it was that troublemaker Kalip behind the idea :P
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    New green sky

    Most likely because for Idaho players is a new quest and not a repeatable, which is the one that is bugged.
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    The West Classic - Coming Soon

    Tutu! I don't care about rewards, it should be fun and I hope many oldies will come back for a month. I miss the old days of classic West.
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    Fort Battle Builds Guide 2.0!

    what? you mean wearing gent's coat, sandals, fancy felt hat and riding a donkey doesn't work anymore??? madness, no wonder why i suck so much in battles!
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    Hidden mods/devs
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    please help with newbie handcuffs question

    Sheriff used to give you the handcuffs ass a reward for finishing a questline ("handcuffs and beaver fur can make a fun night") but that changed a long time ago. Now you have to find them by yourself (prison guard job, and they are hard to drop) or use the market. and you'll need a second set...
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    Weekend sale in the UPB shop

    haha, i asked the very same thing this morning, and the person i asked it to just gave me the middle finger :P (flipping bird person being a close friend in the west, of course lol)
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    hi there, i got the same issue with just one of my worlds. takes forever (or never) to open, so i've resorted to hit the hide button or whatever and it lets me in. but sometimes i am in and still can't do anything in game when i do that lol. dakota works fine for me, btw. must be a random thing...
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    Star Wars VII Trailer

    off topic now: as a good texan boy, george's very much into steaks, not tuna, in spite of his expression. he also seems to be fond of tacos, but this time he looked more like a treat for the pugs he let live with him, and wasn't thrilled that for that one...
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    Star Wars VII Trailer

    alright, i am a little late for this as i haven't had time to check anything for the past month. but, i thought i shouldn't pass the chance to share this lovely pic with the rest of you. call it my homage to my other favorite texan cat :) Meet George2Legs and may the kitten 4th be with you...
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    Eastwood's poncho gone?!

    erm...i got that poncho too on one world, so i checked. found it using the search button and i think the problem is that it's listed as "neckband" :P
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    Easter Event

    i hear you, buddy, and share your pain. i would think that with loads of base shooting and appearance, wearing full doolin set and shooting a howdah, i would have a better record than 1 win in 4 duels against a "fairly weak" bandit, but it seems my definition of fairly weak differs largely from...
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    HJust completed a Hidden Donkey Achievement

    i think you missed the part where she said the 400k were spent to get all the donkey achievements, not just to get a lvl 5 donkey...
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    Just completed a Hidden Donkey Achievement

    hence the sarcasm. it's not auctionable but it's upgradeable :P
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    Just completed a Hidden Donkey Achievement

    someone asked me what's my fixation with this, so i'll just humour it a little bit more and say..."everybody sell me your swans!". i so want to upgrade it and become the swan rider queen.