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    Count to 50 before a 'Moderator' posts

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    Spooky fort battle review

    The rewards are good, but why team which win gets more ? These battles are so unbalanced and are not really fun to play because of that. We could just all stack one side and get the best rewards... What about giving better rewards if the player count is +- the same on both sides ? And giving...
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    Update Feedbacks - 2.111

    when are the sets from Oktoberfest going to be auctionable ? I hope before Day of the dead.
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    Update Feedbacks - 2.108

    looks like INNO devs have no idea what they are doing... someone give them advice please...
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    Update Feedbacks - 2.108

    waiting for the announcement, but just from the parts it looks like a really bad attempt of countering the union officer...
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    El Gringo set

    You can still get it by reaching 100k friendship points and choosing 10 items that you want.
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    Dueller class needs to nerfed.

    its not just dueler problem, I think damage and chances to hit are overall a lot higher than hp and chances to dodge in fort battles... some years ago it was more balanced...
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    Count to 00,000

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    Help with iphone tried this ?
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    Count to 00,000

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    improve adventurer's class bonuses

    Guys I like your ideas and reactions, but keep in mind that ADVENTURER is the worst class at the moment and needs to be boosted. The new updates screwed up every tank but even more adventurers. That's why we need a few simple changes. Not sure if we can ask for reworking every class and stuff...
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    improve adventurer's class bonuses

    sorry but why would you use advent as a tank ? its so bad compared to a soldier or worker... and even dueler with hp is better tank cuz he doesn't ghost
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    improve adventurer's class bonuses

    I assume that you play fort battles as dueler. You know that damage is boosted so much that a 10k advent can go down in 6 shots ?
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    improve adventurer's class bonuses

    Proposal Me and many other players are demanding change of the adventurer class, which is very weak at the moment at every aspect of the game. The character bonuses aren't really useful so they need to be changed. Current Workaround Adventurer class is very weak in comparison to other classes...
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    lol antonius you are so scared