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  1. Strengthening alliances and improved participation

    Recent discussions in The Gang alliance on Colorado Server got me to post my thought and share my struggles with the game. I mostly like the game dynamics however, the alliance system does need to improve in my opinion.(originally posted on Colorado Server) There needs to be different advantages...
  2. The Brain Farts - Brainstorm of ideas here

    It might be good for Inno to take existing items and re-releasing those items gradually rather than having to come up with new items. These items can then be reintroduced to the system gradually, say as upgrades where one could use gold or bonds to upgrade to the re-released version.
  3. The Brain Farts - Brainstorm of ideas here

    Not sure how to start a thread so hope this is the place. The new Fort Fight formulas, in my opinion, have fixed many of the balance issues. As our dwellers get higher level the issue will get even more of a problem. I am mixed here. I don't want what has happened in Dakota where one side has...
  4. Leadership bonus effect on damage

    I play a soldier, a Dueller and a Advent in separate worlds. The issue for me is less about balance, as I feel that the recent changes have done a good job. However, in many worlds the problem is getting people to Fort Fight, such as in Dakota. Once one alliance becomes dominant.
  5. Stake/wager dueling

    One could already do this somewhat, through putting a bounty on themselves, Dead or Alive or placing it on each other. He who wins gains the bounty. Of course that leaves the bounty active on the winner.
  6. declaration of independence

    Dupped Bought premium for the first time thinking I would get the Declaration of Independence. What I got was a Delaration of misleading advertising and the feeling that I've been swindled.