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  1. Base Items For Duel

    I'm playing in italian version so better if i put codes here. This is mostly until lv. 70-80, then there are other better items dat i will search when i reach higher lvl. ( In italian version there is 1 month old server, if someone want to join there are like 20 people playing :D:D:D) If you...
  2. Base Items For Duel

    Oh thank you, little hard to search them cause it gives you a list of all items in game and cant be sorted by hat neclacke shoes ecc ecc. But it worked :)
  3. Base Items For Duel

    Does someone know best base items that can be bought in city shop for duel? Or is there a way to filter them in the west calc site? Lvl 1-60 60-150 Mostly shoot-aim-dodge-appearance Or vigor-reflex-resilience-aim-(appearance)
  4. we are coming...

    number of players. People at forts. Come on kansas, it is funny ^^