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  1. What would you like - a migrate poll

    Laural, if you come to Juarez I've got a town for you.
  2. World closure

    :-( I'm already on B,D,E,F so I guess my only choice is Arizona I hope some of my townies and favorite opponents will post where they are or plan to go so we can continue the spirit of W1
  3. What would you like - a migrate poll

    Greetings all, I'm currently on B,D,E,F,G & J in addition to World 1. It would seem Houston and Idaho would be my only choices to migrate. I hope that some of my townies and frequent FF opponents will weigh in with suggestions where we can continue the fun. I've appreciated having W1 kept for...
  4. My contest entry - Game 2

    Maya danced with Calvin Scarlett danced with Seth Henry danced with Mrs. Anderson John danced with Bella
  5. Lost pretzels on Galveson

    My mistake. Thank you.
  6. Lost pretzels on Galveson

    Spent 9000 pretzels on level 3 dinner on Galveston. Timer expired and no prize received; no option collect. 28 Sep 16:26
  7. A new world name suggestions!

    Gallup (New Mexico) Galveston (Texas) Gila (river) Guadalupe (our Lady of ...)
  8. Script ClothCalc will not update

    What exactly are your symptoms Nivaz? I worked with Petee on two different issues running Chrome on W7. In the first, ClothCalc would launch in game, then hang. In this case there was no way to select items or change settings. Petee was able to reproduce this, walked me through a local reset...
  9. Happy Birthday Jesus!

    How wise of you. ;)