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  1. Civil War - Feedbacks

    I want to know why soldiers don't do more damage in battles? They get to use their weapons 3-6 levels before anyone else, so they should be shooting better than anyone else. Want to make fort fights fun?, then make it so defense can actually put traps outside of fort. Make them a craft.. And I...
  2. International Fort Battle Championship, Part 2! - Discussion!

    Well this totally sucks, still haven't received a link or login code to the IFBC, even sent in a ticket, got reply in e-mail but no link or code hmmm.. What's up with that? sent in another ticket told support there was no link in e-mail. Guess I'll wait and see..
  3. International Fort Battle Championship, Part 2! - Discussion!

    What If I signed up with an e-mail that is no longer in use, and is different than my West e-mail? do I go to support with this? Just curious. Need to get that link for the tournament when sent..
  4. Racism

    Your all wrong, hating someone because of their color is bigotry.. Racism sounds like something Jesse Jackson made up . But if being proud of your race ( black pride, Brown pride, white pride, etc. etc. etc.) makes one a"racist," then I am 100% Racist.. As you can see here in Amerika we...
  5. Fort Battles International Championship Feedback

    One Question well maybe 2-3 about this "cross the line thing" #1 who is going to pick the 20 players, because there are I'm sure a lot that would like to play, and will it be like this tournament, different servers against each other? #2 You say powerful weapons, are you saying that you...
  6. New Christmas bag event

    "What No Cannon's, Can We Have Cannons For Fort Battles?" +2 for kidi Hmmm change it back to cash, in game cash I assume? Well that would really suck, since a lot of us just spent millions upgrading weapons or set's. Bonds, I still have over 1200 of them.. Nuggets, not so much.. Don't...
  7. International Fort Battles Championship Entries

    Player name: Capt Red World: 11 Level: 141 Class: Soldier Profession: Blacksmith Health Points: 13200 Are you skilled for Fort Battles: yes, elite Online/Offline: online Leader/Entrant: entrant If Leader, do you have Skype and willing to use it:
  8. Get People back to Fort Fighting

    It wasn't a whine, I meant for it to imply "if fort fighting dies completely than yes I will leave the game", as will a lot of players I'm sure, that just ff. Maybe I should have worded it differently. As far as 1 shot being killed, by cannon, ok that was a bad idea, maybe crit. all 4...
  9. Get People back to Fort Fighting

    battle attendance If you want to get ff attendance up, forget the extra bonds, and stupid worthless chests, that will go to the same few every battle. And really drop ff attendance, "why show up never get a chest" etc.etc.etc Instead, Give us Cannons, it would take every craft to build...
  10. Think Quick!

    would be nice if the forum page advanced automatically without having to do it myself page by page.. Oh Well..
  11. Think Quick!

    damn this thread is not moving to next page, I have to go back a page to advance it. And then miss the codes..Enough I'm done....
  12. Think Quick!

    missed them
  13. Where Are you From World 11

    Southern California... or Northern Mexico.. lmao :hmf: