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    New EN World rumors

    i heard it will be called "JAFW"
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    Independence Day 2019

    cool, reskill to something good :P
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    We really need to close down the older worlds and allow migration simo or other migrators didn't kill briscoe. you managed that all by yourself.
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    Post Your Avatar Glitches

    nice hat
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    Update Feedbacks - 2.99

    meh, where is the mega worker/advent set?
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    blast from the past

    no match for me vicky ;) migrate to fairbanks and have some fun
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    Smoking guns PVP Championship i will keel you all!
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    FOOTBALL CONTEST watching the world cup but its been pretty boring
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    San Antonio Reunion i'm ready
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    San Antonio Reunion

    my putter is bigger
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    Golden horse and saddle

    it does seem popular with those not confident in their dueling abilities
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    hey red :) just come back and have a look u silly duffer
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    Farewell in the name of the Almighty Brown Tie

    goodbye futu my old friend... a true master of the (old) game and 1 of 2 people that were almost as good as me at dueling :) another step closer to my own finish best of luck beating up any other group of peeps that decide to cross u. live long and prosper
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    2.68 Loading Times

    mine is 10 times slower, a full reload each time i have been suspecting the major firefox update but not had time to test
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    Make Duling an actual thing

    ur forgetting that the duel formula is so skewed now that luck is generally the deciding factor