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    Resolved Poker

    It would kinda be nice if there was some sound in the poker like when someone plays a hand and when it is your turn. For example the poker Texas Hold'em poker on facebook. Finding the gameplay kinda slow as peeps take forever to play their hand, check or raise. Zzzzz! Put really nice new...
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    Hi everyone, I don't know if I am going crazy but I just spotted a UFO in my town in Arizona??? Happened to anyone else?
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    You're BANned

    Banned for being a tree hugger!
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    Maybe something like this? Due to size limits I have removed this sig.
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    What do we know about these weapons ?

    Hmmm, this weapon is also on The West Stats, anyone know anything about it? Frozen Revolver 0-11 damage
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    Nov SOTM

    Just curious when the results will be given? It is Jan 2011 already?
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    November SOTM!

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    August SOTM - Results are in!

    Any progress?
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    August SOTM - Results are in!

    What a pitty, spoils the fun.
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    August SOTM - Results are in!

    Ouch you a bit harsh hey. Just for some info, my entry was the first one posted with the idea of using Golden text. You can also see that the girls, the one you say is "naked", is sitting in a golden nugget. The idea of my entry was to portray the real Gold Rush as we know in on The West...
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    August SOTM - Results are in!

    Thanx for all the support thus far. I think I will stick to my proposed plan in the future.
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    August SOTM!

    My entry has been submitted on page 4. See ya all soon!
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    BliXem's Signature Request Corner

    no it is fine, nice job.
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    BliXem's Signature Request Corner

    Not refused, I searched and searched for images that will work for your sig. Having a hard time finding something, that is why the person requesting a sig should supply images to what they want.
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    BliXem's Signature Request Corner

    I use Photoshop.