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    Player Level

    Devs talked about raising it 3 years ago :p Doubt anything new will occur.
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    Easter tombola

    Then dammit let's make up a holiday! :laugh:
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    Fast leveling guide

    I belive fastfinger fred would appreciate if you told him how you did it :P
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    Resolved Level 120 - & still feel a newbie

    Don't feel like a newbie, the game itself doesn't really offer that much, but what can you do.
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    Resolved targeting offline

    Try moving that red arrow (target) around. It might be under your character, so move your character (that yellow circle), then move your target and then return your character to the previous position.. Hope this helps! -BA-
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    West 2.0 discussion

    I totally agree with orgo and I think it's horrible. Now you have to sit there for so long time to complete 50x 15 sec. jobs. And it will ruin the product market btw. All in all, I don't like it. I was hoping for something better, to be honest. -BA-
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    Earth sounds or man made ?

    These sounds are just NASA or other secret group testing their audio amplifiers that they installed in many kind of "satellites" inside our atmosphere around all the world. And it's part of the project Blue Beam that consists in install hologram machines to create the image of God in the sky...
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    Resolved Second 3rd key

    Thank you all for quick and helpful responses! :)
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    Resolved Second 3rd key

    Howdy! I bought a 3rd key and got a golden gun. Now I'm wondering is it posibble to find 3rd key again (grave robber/ travelling merchant). Thanks in advance. -BA-
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    Value of a bond?

    It would be better to make a value on specific items, then one bond maybe...
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    Fort Battle Builds Guide 2.0!

    I hope it's not dodge tank beacuse it sucks.
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    West 2.0 discussion

    Lol he's not talking about items bought from shop, he's talking about stuff bought on the market.
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    Resolved Junk Chest

    Yeah, it's up to 5k and people used to get that crappy stuff from steel lined boxes. :D