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  1. Opening multiple chests at once

    Proposal With the new job lead trade office giving bags as products, it is tedious to open 50+ bags one at a time. So i propose to allow players to open multiple bags at once. Current workaround Opening one bag at a time. Details When you would click on a bag,it would open a popup...
  2. Resolved Quests cant be completed

    finally found the solution after trying it on other worlds. Turns out, you need the quest tracker enabled to make it work,and i turned it off since i found it annoying. Someone can close this now
  3. Resolved Quests cant be completed

    For all the quests that require you to open up the minimap, town forum etc. after i open it, i cant finish the quest. Anything im doing wrong?
  4. How to found rare pants?

    Those items are above the luck range of Work as a traveling merch. The only way to get those pants is through a chest,or the market
  5. The mobile trader

    In game name-billions911 Affected world-w14 (briscoe) browser-chrome and firefox type of bug-other in chrome in firefox There seems to be different items in different browsers,and theres a third row of items. It also seems i can buy the items in the third row as well. I also already...
  6. Resolved turning an uncut diamond into an uncut ruby

    I have gotten an emerald before,and lost the diamond :P
  7. Resolved turning an uncut diamond into an uncut ruby

    i personally dont think anything can be done with the emerald,or im just unlucky.but i can definitely say the diamond "converts" into a emerald
  8. Toolbox from building Windmills

    in a proper world,yes.but in this case no,tho,i did receive 3 toolboxes after around 50-60 tries which is a lot better than ur case,u seem to be just really unluck :/
  9. Luck drops, the west 2.0

    key 3 is a quest drop,so value doesnt affect it. Having at least 700 lp is required iirc,but now,key 3 has become very difficult for grave robber. (however,having premium lessens the time needed to get it)
  10. Luck drops, the west 2.0

    Yeah, I seem to be getting way more drops from mining sulfur than TM.
  11. Resolved couple questions

    Ok,thanks :) i have a new question :P
  12. Resolved couple questions

    ok,i meant that for achievements like the idols and geodes,are the rarest colors or items on the right,and most common on the left?
  13. Resolved couple questions

    couple questions (new one) 1.if u migrate with items in the market,will they be lost forever? 2. lets say the chance of getting an item is 20%. will allans whole set increase it to 30% or 70%? 3.In the achievements for for those items, is the rares to get on the right,and most common on...
  14. The Plan - Weekly draw rules and discussion

    hernandos is even worse :P
  15. Luck drops, the west 2.0

    No way u get 5 items per 12 jobs on TM. I usually get 7-8 per 12 jobs. GR I have done b4 12 times in a row and I got nothing.Btw u waste more energy on GR. 10*4 is 40 energy for 50 minutes. TM is 24 energy for 2 hours