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  1. Let me out !

    I don't know about anybody else, but I for one, wish I could migrate my character out of Dakota. Of all my worlds, it is the least fun one I play. It is soooo dead & boring there. Has been for a long time now. If the powers that be are listening, I beg of you....hear my plea ! PLEASE ALLOW...
  2. Chef Weapon Set

    I can understand that Inno has to generate an income to support the game, but was it really necessary to allow these new weapons to be upgraded ? I mean come the " pay to win " players an advantage over the players who would like to enjoy the game on an equal playing field is...
  3. FOOTBALL CONTEST Semi-final: Uruguay-Brazil Croatia-England
  4. Log in - identity expired

    it is working for me also now. Thanks for the prompt attention. WHEW lol
  5. Log in - identity expired

    I guess that really blows, if you happen to be one of the sad souls (like me) trying to complete a timed quest prior to leaving for work. oh well, I guess I try another 16 hrs of work to complete the quest another day, whenever I am able to log in again. Awesome. Thanks Inno.
  6. Log in - identity expired

    For some reason, I am unable to log in to any worlds. It says " identity expired - you must re enter your log in info at the start page. Sadly, this is not working. sigh
  7. International Fort Battles Championship Entries

    Player name: BigTyme World: Dakota Level: 131 Class: Adventurer Profession: Master Saddler Health Points: 7000-8000 hp Are you skilled for Fort Battles: Yes Online/Offline: both Leader/Entrant: Entrant