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  1. We really need to close down the older worlds and allow migration

    There are two main issues that I believe are reducing the popularity of The West. I am using Inno's FoE as a basis for this. 1) The West almost totally eliminates the American player base, since it is based on fort fighting during "Prime Time" ~ prime time for Europe that is. Americans really...
  2. We really need to close down the older worlds and allow migration

    How to improve game. I am so sick and tired about all the whiners over fort battles. They are not what is killing the game. 1) Remove dueler crits. You cause soldiers & advents to quit the game. No player should EVER do this much damage. 2) Remove church building. Waay too much power...
  3. Increase Maximum Friends

    Perhaps Inno's FoE could be considered. You are maxed with sending only up to 80 friend invites. However, you can accept up to 140 friends. Once you reach 80 you can no longer send friend invites. These additional 60 friends tend to be newer players, since older players have reached the 80 max...
  4. Script TW-Calc

    There is an error in tw-calc questline for Brewing Bad. Equip crushed malt and do the job repair covered wagon to get the mash. It shows equip mash in error (items reversed) OR use the twdb version (believe it or not! :D )...
  5. Situation of the Game

    I am seeing far less of the "wanting good battles" balance cry of the super alliances. It is like they do not care, rather they purposelly want to destroy the game. In the olden days we had the problem of nuggeters combining to form super towns, but the player population was much larger...
  6. Situation of the Game

    The problem with the game goes much deeper than this raider. I am going to add the player problem you are ignoring cuz you are a part of it. Idaho quickly became a domination server with all the extreme nugget munchers combining into one town. Juarez is even worse with the domination town now...
  7. ownable Awesomnia fort

    No, absolutely no player ownership of awesomia. We already have waaay too many domination worlds. No way give awesomia to the dominators also. Besides, it is a GM & event fort for inno's special use. Yes we definitely need more event battles at awesomia! They wake up the dead domination worlds...
  8. Let me out !

    Add El Dorado to the list of worlds fort fighters need to escape from! It also needs to be very near the front of the line
  9. Prevent loss of Health when changing clothes/sets

    Agree Junkz, the problem is no health in speed sets and that only affects tanks.
  10. Website - English support

    WOOHOOO !!! Petee you still rock! TY TY TY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Website - English support

    I left a support ticket at twdb so hopefully will will get it fixed soon
  12. Website - English support

    Can anyone get ahold of petee to fix clothcalc please? Thankx!
  13. Website - English support

    Looks like indy event breaks cloth calc. As soon as I got the patriot's short saber in a world, clothcalc would no longer update. Clothcalc still works, just won't update. That's my best guess on what's happening

    Thankx for your voice Harsha! The main reason for this proposal is to get players & especially Inno to start to think outside the box to find a solution to super alliances instead of blaming gear & health. As far as your loophole, yes I tried to consider such abuse. However considering human...

    I'm getting ingame responses to this proposal. They worry about Colorado world so I am reposting what I told them... Colorado was the gold standard of worlds. When I played colorado I was a member of worldusers. The world is led by grownups not children. They will adjust to this new rule...