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  1. Salt

    Where do you get salt for the quest The Snowstorm ??
  2. Oktoberfest 2019 discussion

    Just where do I find the 10 beer mugs ??
  3. New The circus fair has been taken hostage!(gone)

    Me too I donated a lot to the fair not going to do it again I did it the last time too and the next day it was gone what a waste of time and goods !! :mad:
  4. New The circus fair has been taken hostage!(gone)

    The fair is now I did 7 hours of building on it I'm not going waste time on it again !! :(
  5. Easter "Event" is trash

    If anyone is looking for Jonquil Flowers do the job picking tobacco :)
  6. If I Ruled The World...

    Me with love and kindness :) <3
  7. Bonus Code Giveaway!

    You can get the Health Elixir in the Shop it cost 27 bonds or 27 gold ! :)
  8. peace flowers

    I got the white Roses doing the job Berries on the 15 sec you might get rose ones first I did but then I equip the peace follower and got them
  9. I need some info

    I have to have my computer work on and I don't know how long I will be without one. I see some people listed as being on Vacation how do I put myself on Vacation mode ? :confused:
  10. Paper ?

    I did try the chat but no one answered me on there so I just came here !! And thank you for the info and you are right I'm old school I'll be 64 this year !! :)
  11. Paper ?

    Just where do I get paper ??
  12. Okay I got the bucket now one more thing

    Thank you I try that !! :D
  13. Okay I got the bucket now one more thing

    Now I need a broken whiskey bottle I can't find out who you get this :confused:
  14. I need some Info

    There is a quest that you need a bucket is there a job to get the bucket ?? Or is this item one that has to be crafted ?? :confused:
  15. Birthday Candles

    Thank you that where I found the 7th candle but no more show up there !! :(