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    Website - English support

    I have tried the manual way of importing, it would say it needs an account, but it did import anyway. Have you clicked the inventory hyperlink? It should still work even if it says that you need to login.
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    Help Tecumseh (Maze Contest)

    The hottest Chili in the west.
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    2.x typos, bad translations and text errors

    Beta has been not beta for a very long time, they don't really test much in beta. Its not really the fault of the developers to find bugs nor is it their main job.
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    Ask CM about the game

    For years innogames since it acquired TW, it never advertised it. You do realize a browser game nowadays would only survive if it gets advertised. Else you’re just cooking it till it’s char black. i am not like you, I decided to call it quits cause it became more of a chore than a game. What...
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    7 Days Summer Speed - Feedback

    Oh that's easy, I was talking about the community as a whole that changed. From a community that would be its own persona, to a bunch of players that put on masks on certain players. I have seen a lot that do so, and don't really care about the speed server. While analyzing that the rewards...
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    7 Days Summer Speed - Feedback

    Read again, I didn't specify who's fake. Are you that self centered? I don't know you that well, so don't give yourself that much credit :boone: I think an ff event would be alright, anything team based where your brackets are decided. Everyone has a chance and best of all its not click...
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    7 Days Summer Speed - Feedback

    You really want horseball event to come back, wow. We have a real fan of the west.(this is what I think of you nowadays> :lovetw:) I for one don't like the fake community that has developed, at least some people are actually not putting a character. A lot are thou, and probably one of the...
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    7 Days Summer Speed - Feedback

    It seems like there is a huge budget cut, also which 3 biggest experience fools would pay a few k nuggets to get 300 nuggets. Or biggest foolish community town where you pay a huge amount of your life for 50 bonds, that would get about half a bag worth in xmas. How about trying to make the...
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    Rank heroes, they want to be the "best" berry picker of em all. Or is it the best church builder? Times change.
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    Hr Nyborg appreciation thread

    no no no, you need at least 2 cm's to handle you guys....
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    Ask CM about the game

    Great game? Are you sure about that? The only great thing about this game is the community that it built up. It will die off whether you like it or not. It used to be a great game, not anymore. Proof for my review is, millions literally stopped playing it years ago. it could have been...
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    Hr Nyborg appreciation thread

    I got you, one sec when I get into his account.... All should be fixed soon ~TM
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    Ask CM about the game

    Useless? The thing is, more like puppets rather than useless. It isn't really their fault thou(cm's) its just how it is and isn't even on the job description until you get the job.
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    Union set sale

    Shameless, just shameless.
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    Count to 50 before a 'Moderator' posts