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    Count to 10,000

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    Multi Digs?

    If he was to do it for bonds, he should have done it for hour-1.5 hours gap each fort fight. That way he could prolong it till round 50. What a class A njub you are dueling with.
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    Count to 50 before a 'Moderator' posts

    A couple went to a bar to find a...
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    Best Product Drop Set

    Replace the american cloth set with thomas set for better bonuses(same product drop rate but luck bonus etc is added)
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    Count to 10,000

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    Best Product Drop Set

    American set has at least 10% more than spiritualist, and up to 60% THe reason why your job had more is due to labor points difference.
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    Best Product Drop Set

    that isn't fully correct. Best drop chance gear is soccer fan set with additives. The increase is most likely due to the more labor points you are getting(from low to high efficiency) The bronze to silver and up to full axes of gold.
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    Events like Gold rush and IFBC are unfair

    Wouldn't that mean you agree, they can't be detected? Certainly, even if you think their is a path, they can simply program it to simply not make any paths at all(evidence that it is indeed a clickable. But technically, their was no oversight on clickers in that event. Else we'd see more bans.
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    Events like Gold rush and IFBC are unfair

    The reason why they are unfair is due to the fact that their are certain scripts which are legal in other servers. While here its illegal. A lot of players in the other languages decided to simply cheat by getting help in gold rush, as well as getting the script which lets them know each...
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    Resistance Buff

    How about we change the armored useless speed buff in master saddler. To 60-100 resistance?
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    We really need to close down the older worlds and allow migration

    I thought your town will survive everyone else was the plan, hope you have a great life the rest of it. I for one am grateful to the company that this game has given. Its just a shame that the person who has the power to make things happen isn't making anything happen.
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    Not a bug A Holiday hot potato game

    Is the questline supposed to be repeatable?
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    Njubness level extraordinary!

    Why did anyone waste 4000 bonds or nuggets on that individual item? If they wanted to save for ff's or adventures. The medal of bravery at sea is 100% better!
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    Holiday Sale - Feedback

    2019 bags should be at least 30%-45% less priced. 75 bonds per bag is too much due to the fact it doesn't have the best sets of 2019! All bags are overpriced!
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    Holiday Sale - Feedback had the christmas full set in the bag.