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  1. Feedback Holiday Speed 2021 (premium-free)

    Seriosuly, on a speed world where you can make money easily, buying materials or items for that money is fair? :)))) For example i did not drop the indications for fabled antidote, i had to spend 15kk on steel chests to get it, so which price is correct 15kk or 10k?? Also about this, is it...
  2. Feedback Holiday Speed 2021 (premium-free)

    First of all it's just my opinion, so everything written should or should not be taken seriously, it's just a simple opinion. Speed worlds, how I see them, even designed without this intention, are worlds where everybody tries, or at least wants to abuse the mechanics of the game. And this...
  3. Feedback Advent Calendar 2021

    Please correct me if I'm wrong but you pay to play the game not a optional contest on forum. Just enjoy it, I won 5-6 chest and even didn't claim them yet :D
  4. Advent Calendar 24. Game

    EN 27 - Las Vegas - 10 000 - 9 500 to player - 500 fee - john campell
  5. Advent Calendar 23. Game

    silent night
  6. Advent Calendar 22. Game

    E1 , D1, B2 , E4 , C5 , D6, B6
  7. Advent Calendar 21. Game

    The blue Spruce tree
  8. Advent Calendar 20. Game

    Christmas crackers
  9. Advent Calendar 19. Game

    It started in New England, the colonies in America.
  10. Advent Calendar 18. Game

    Belt - Holiday sale 2019 Coat - Christmas sale 2015 Boots - Christmas sale 2016 Hat - Christmas sale 2013 Necklace - Holiday sale 2020 Trousers - Christmas Sale 2017 Raven - Christmas sale 2014 Derringer - Christmas sale 2014 Gun - Christmas Sale 2012 Pipe - Christmas sale 2018
  11. Advent Calendar 17. Game

    Italy,Hungary and Poland
  12. Advent Calendar 16. Game

    Depending on interpretation If the question in general is about candy canes then trhere is al legend that it was made in 1670 first time, in Cologne Germany. Recors of stik candy were in 1837 , also in 1848 there is a mention of a swet candy in Ohio wamde by a Sewwdish-German immigrant...
  13. Advent Calendar 15. Game

    1.Gingerbread 2.Seer 3.chocolate 4.Christmas 5.reindeer 6.mistlet 7.wax 8.Santa Claus 9.Present 10.fruitcake 11.chestnut(s) 12.sugarplum 13.snowglobe 14.nutcracker 15.candle(s) 16.Snowman 17. Turkey???? 18 Tea??? 19. Bauble??? 17.ginger??? 18.snow??? 19.nut??? 20.candles??? 21.Feetslon??? 22...
  14. Advent Calendar 14. Game

    A cake
  15. Advent Calendar 13. Game

    "O Come, All Ye Faithful" (originally written in Latin as "Adeste Fideles")