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  1. Feedback Update 2.176

    will inno games belt be updated?? its a rare item so not everyone has it so make it a nice buff .. instead of x10 each ap make it double..
  2. Feedback Old items sale

    so tell me many many many years have passed and prices the same.. makes no sense... why no sale or discount? and for this sale can you guys at least give out a nugget sale?? i havent seen on in years for myself.. and you keep making pay full purchase for some events because you cant even...
  3. The Brain Farts - Brainstorm of ideas here

    i have achievments that are not achievable no more because their from the past. can you make it a thing for achievements that cant be done no more be purchased with nuggets? like 100 or so??
  4. Feedback Update 2.174

    will innos belt get a buff since its in the belt section????
  5. Basset and Perry's horses and saddles need a buff

    exactly what i told them - reverse hat/tie or update hat to be like the rest
  6. Basset and Perry's horses and saddles need a buff

    fixing perrys hat wouldnt hurt either.. but they keep saying its not being updated because of the feedback in beta.. their lazy
  7. Feedback Update to version 2.173

    the feedback thats provided is always ignored so idk why you bring up the feedback in beta. yall ignore it 99% of the time.. just update the hat and be over with it.. it dosnt change any huge .. its not going to be overkill like union or anything.. idk why you guys even made it .5 in the first...
  8. Feedback Update to version 2.173

    bro why cant you update perrys hat.. i kept spamming in beta .. . and yall ask for feedback and you dont even take any.. you guys still do whatever ya want
  9. Feedback Update 2.172

    yall couldve just made hat get + 1 attack/defense and tie have .5 defense.. can you guys make it like that...
  10. Feedback Update 2.172

    update perrys hat !!! will continue to post till its done.. its something yall shouldve done long time ago. when yall updated the sets.. yall made a mistake and im telling ya to fix it
  11. Feedback Update 2.172

    al35ul i know you see my chat :) update the hat plz.. its not a hard fix
  12. Feedback Update 2.172

    can you guys update perrys hat plz.. before this update is out on tuesday. plz update perrys hat.. give it the same bouns as every other piece has +1 attack/defene stop ignoring this problem and fix it ..not even that hard!!
  13. Feedback Easter Event 2022

    is new gear on tw-calc updated?? why everything on perrys have + 1 attack/defense and hat has .5 defense plz update it and make it equal around the set if its not updated.. plz ty
  14. Feedback Easter Event 2022

    how much 4k wins cost? and whats average per event it costs just curious
  15. Feedback Easter Event 2022

    what if you become first so high up.. to scare people to face you? or does that not work!! and only free/1500 spins when racing for #1 - no 9k or 48k ???