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    Question about whether an achievement is still active

    If you have all four cakes and no achievement is showing, contact support and ask them to fix it for you - they should be able to fix it easily enough.
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    Gift hunt

    That stat shows how many gift boxes you have opened. Are you sure there aren't more unopened boxes sat in your inventory?
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    Hiding Quests

    Like this idea. I recently started a new world for a bit and was a bit overwhelmed at what hit me when Save the Saloon, Part 2 was done. Would be great to have a way to make things look a little less insurmountable
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    Recommended World(s) ?

    Thanks for your efforts, Kuro.
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    Recommended World(s) ?

    @kuro90 Am sure I speak for a large majority of players when I say that there are many here who would love for the recommended world to be changed more often than it currently is. Even a quarterly change to a different world would inject some new life into some of the older worlds which really...
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    Update Feedback - 2.139

    Really disappointed that the recent event's sets aren't being made available on Tuesday. Looks like I'll have to wait longer to complete my sets..
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    9899 Just saw the new choice of mod. Loving the irony...
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    9901 :)
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    9904 Sam
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    Game Rules changes 2020 - Questions

    @Al35ul We have a list here which has been maintained both in its current forum and in a previous thread for many years. Scripts aren't made for The West at a particularly fast rate, with it being such an old game, so maintaining it would be a very low effort job on the part of the team...
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    Harvest Event - Feedback

    100% agree with this. Even as a pure dueller, some of these tasks are incredibly hard to complete without pushing. Makes me wonder whether the rules are being enforced at all these days? It doesn't seem like it, so they should either be revised or scrapped entirely.
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    17yo Florida Teen Dies From Covid-19? I think not.

    If this were how the court of law dealt with every case that was brought before them, then one can imagine that no one would get charged for any sort of crime. As Pankreas has said, knowing 'every step of their lives' is a bit over-the-top and is irrelevant to this situation. Knowing how old...
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