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  1. travelling fair drops

    I hear ya - I definitely don't need anymore labor points or fort battle buffs. Was hoping to get one of those rare or very rare chests - course there is still 2 days left. Anyway, thanks for the response.
  2. travelling fair drops

    Hi everyone - was just wondering if it's just my bad luck? Or, are the rest of you getting pretty crummy prizes as well. Maybe I am just spoiled from the great rewards that came from the fireworks event. Anyway I was just wondering. :-))
  3. Quest bug

    Thanks for the help - I do stand corrected. I realize it's the daily task repeatable quests that I am not finishing in time. I really appreciate the support and great info I get on this forum - :up:
  4. Quest bug

    Just wanted to let you know myself, as well as others have experienced the same issue.
  5. Quest bug

    Actually Shantoo is experiencing something I have experienced at least half a dozen times. I have accepted several quests (quite a few time consuming) ....completed them to the letter and when comes time to collect no dice. I can see the completed quest in my quest tracker with all green checks...