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  1. Alliance Town Limit

    i don't take it personally, don't worry :D
  2. Alliance Town Limit

    well, that was just a brainfart.. mod, thread can be deleted since there is no positive response
  3. Alliance Town Limit

    i am not so sure if merging towns would have happen.. i think most people are loyal more to their towns than alliances..
  4. Alliance Town Limit

    Alliance Town limit This is idea to make game more interesting and not end up with 2 major alliances. Proposal As things are now, whatever you do on any server, it ends up with two major alliances having control over Fort figths and it become pretty routine. So why wouldn't we set a limit for...
  5. Minor change in Ranking.

    then you are in wrong town if you are in a so hostile environment.. usually people in same towns go quite well together
  6. Limit Times Between Fort Fights

    oh i see..
  7. Limit Times Between Fort Fights

    yes, but make options to donate to that alliance fund only by a town founder from town treasury
  8. Limit Times Between Fort Fights

    well raising cost could be a solution (like when leaving a town is 2hours, then 4, 6, and so on) first dig is like 10k, next within 48hours is 20k,...
  9. Limit Times Between Fort Fights

    Victor Kruger +45516 (Y)
  10. Limit Times Between Fort Fights

    the problem isnt in game mechanics- these are good as they are. problem is in mentality of players who always group into two major alliances and leave others out of game so they have to call multis.. when we fix this problem everything would go on better
  11. Limit Times Between Fort Fights

    so a normal town within top 20 would dig 1 battle per 3 years?
  12. Limit Times Between Fort Fights

    i didn't say that i am pleased with current system... but all those rules and arrangements are the reason which is killing FFing. battles used to be unpredictable and fun, now they are pretty much same. it doesnt matter which fort, which alliances- it's all the same
  13. Limit Times Between Fort Fights

    why would anyone want routine? it takes all excitement out of the game
  14. Limit Times Between Fort Fights

    well if we are speaking about time limitations i would do it just so a town cant dug twice per day (considering this is the time you get for preparation on battle). but in my opinion is more realistic without any multi rules and stuff like that. they knew diversions back in day- this is the...
  15. Limit Times Between Fort Fights

    i would just limit that a town can dug a battle once per 24 hours..